Linking Businesses with the Rural Midwest since 1991

Somewhere in a big metro area a growing business is wondering how they'll grow and stay competitive while facing rising rents, high taxes, city restrictions and a fickle labor force. Meanwhile, leaders of rural communities are wondering how to bring good jobs and economic stability to their community – offering lower operating costs, favorable tax treatment, incentives and dedicated workers. If the business and community knew one another! That's where we come in. We're Essex Capital, owners of the Community Venture Network and since 1991 we have been forging these relationships and helping companies and communities grow. 

For Businesses  

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Your wanting to grow – but have you considered all your options? Or are you struggling to remove roadblocks to get your business where you know it can be? Communities across the Midwest want to show you what they can do to help you grow. But you certainly don't have the time or the budget to travel around the Midwest and where would you begin? Putting a call-out on social media will just get rumors flying and rattle your employees. At Essex Capital, we've already done the research and the legwork! Click here to learn more about our Community Venture Network platform and how we help businesses ask the right questions and navigate the site selection path.

For Communities

Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the market
Looking to meet with more businesses looking to expand? How about 30+ each year? And looking to grow your professional network and meet industry experts outside your community and region? Click here to learn more about our Community Venture Network events, BR&E webinars and project support services.

Preferred Partners

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You’re an established and respected firm – but how far is your reach? 8 states? Social media and advertising helps – but can you replace face to face intereaction or build any trust? Essex Capital works throughout the Midwest bringing together dozens of communities and the firms we respect and trust to forge new relationships. Click here to learn more about our Community Venture Network events and how we help our Preferred Partners.

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